St Mary Magdalen

Painting at the National Gallery of Ireland.
While I was copying this painting, a security guard came to ask me why did I choose this one, he exactly said "seriously, this one!?". I didn't understand why he was asking about my choice but then he starts to explain that the National Gallery have an other Felice Ficherelli's painting, and he always find this one strange. So he compare the two painting and he realise it was the same model for the two of then except that on the other one it was a man, meaning on this one the painter add breast so why they look a bit weird.
After I finish to draw he came back to me and told me a lot of anecdotes about a few other painting. So if you ever go in Dublin and particularly at the National Gallery, try to look for Tony, he will share a lot of things with you and will have a really good time.

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